Any PC gamers that enjoy being able to boot up their rig should not update their NVIDIA GeForce drivers.

According to a report by VG24/7 the latest NVIDIA driver set which was released ahead of the release of Ubisoft’s The Division are causing problems.

The driver version 364.47 were meant to bring performance optimisations to Need For Speed and give PC gamers the best visual experience of Tom Clancy’s: The Division as possible.

What has happened instead is that users are reporting blue screens, black screens, screen artefacts and Windows failing to boot.

NVIDIA has come out and addressed the problem saying that users shouldn’t use the “Express” installation option.

In fact, NVIDIA has gone so far as to say that users shouldn’t even consider downloading the version 364.47 driver.

The manufacturer has said that a new driver – version 364.51 – is ready to be rolled out to users pending a WHQL-approval from Microsoft.

With that said you can download the beta version but we recommend holding out for the official roll-out if you aren’t well versed in the dark art of graphics drivers.

The Division seems to be marred in problems at release, though this driver issue is not exactly the fault of Ubisoft, the persistent reports of The Division’s servers falling over hasn’t helped the publisher’s reputation all that much.

This all does lead us to ask you whether buying games on day one is still an option for you? Let us know in the comments or tell us why in 140 characters on Twitter.

[Via – VG24/7] [Image – Justus Hayes]