Hearthstone Lead Designer, Ben Brode and Senior Producer, Yong Woo will be announcing what’s next for Hearthstone at the opening of the America Winter Championship this evening.

Now, we already know that Hearthstone is getting a new expansion because Blizzard told us this when it announced that it would be changing the way Hearthstone is played.

But insofar as what the theme of the expansion will be, Blizzard has remained mum.

The Whispers of the Old Gods mural in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Image by Reddit user That_Azzin.
The Whispers of the Old Gods mural in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Image by Reddit user That_Azzin.

However, Reddit user, That_Azzin, has been tracking a mural that is being painted in Williamsburg, Brooklyn which suggests that the next Hearthstone expansion will be be titled, Whispers of the Old Gods.

A number of Hearthstone fans have also speculated that the Old Gods would be making an appearance in the next expansion including Kacem “Noxious” Khilaji, who also outlines some of the changes to the meta-game that we could see with the edition of new cards.

Fair warning, the video below does contain some coarse language.

So will we be seeing the Old Gods? Perhaps, but we’ll only know at 20:00 this evening.

Blizzard will also be changing how you play Hearthstone with the launch of Standard and Wild play modes, though there is no word on when these modes will be introduced.

Standard will become the game’s esport standard which will nix cards from the Curse of Naxxramas, Goblins and Gnomes and Black Rock Mountain expansions.

In this mode, players will only be able to draw from cards in the Classic, League of Explorers (curse you Golden Monkey), and the Grand Tournament.

Wild, as its name suggests will be an “anything goes” style play mode with players able to draw from any cards they have collected.

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