At South by Southwest (SXSW) this weekend Sam Esmail revealed that season two of Mr Robot will address encryption and law enforcement, a subject currently in the public eye thanks to Apple and the FBI.

While series like Game of Thrones draw heavily on fantasy realms, Mr Robot is more content with rooting itself in reality.

Security Researcher at Kaspersky Labs, Sergey Golovanov even went so far as to call the series an accurate portrayal of black-hat hacking saying, “There’s none of the usual Hollywood nonsense like projecting equations on people’s faces, it’s all like in real life.”

And the good news is, this trend seems set to continue into season two.

“What’s weird is we were already talking thematically about privacy, and then this whole thing with Apple and Tim Cook happened,” said Esmail during the Mr Robot panel at SXSW this weekend.

As you may be aware, Apple and the FBI are currently locking horns over an iPhone 5C. The handset was used by a terrorist who took part in the San Bernadino massacre in December 2015.

Apple has said that creating a back door which will can be used to by-pass encryption is dangerous for the public at large. Meanwhile, the FBI has said that public safety is not Apple’s purview.

During the panel discussion Esmail told fans FBI consultants working on Mr Robot were opposed to encryption.

“We talked to our FBI consultant,” PC World reports Esmail as saying, “and their view is that encryption should allow for this sort of third-party side-door thing.”

But fans of the show shouldn’t expect a hatchet job on the FBI show, instead the creator has said that the story will address both sides of the argument and will start a conversation.

“I think it’s a really important issue, and I’m not sure people really understand the nuances,” said Esmail.

There is currently no word on a premiere date for season two of Mr Robot but we expect the series to start around June, as it did last year,

[Via – PC World] [Image]