Online hacktivism collective, Anonymous appears to have declared “total war” on Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

“Dear Donald Trump, we have been watching you for a long time and what we see is deeply disturbing”, a video declares before launching into a myriad of news clips which showcase some of the more questionable things that Trump has said in his campaign for candidacy.

The video goes on to say that Trump has shocked not only the United States but the rest of the world and Anonymous has had enough. As a result, the group has called for a cyber attack directed at Trump to take place on 1st April.

What exactly is Anonymous planning? Well for starters the video calls for hacktivists that side with Anonymous and “every able bodied person with a computer” to shut down Trump’s websites, presumably through a distributed denial of service attack.

However, Anonymous has also called for individuals to research and expose any information Trump doesn’t want people to know. “We need you to dismantle his campaign and sabotage his brand,” the video goes on to say.


You may be wondering why we don’t just embed the video in this story as we often do, and we would have, had it not been for the information contained in the video, or rather its description.

Anonymous is claiming that it has obtained Trump’s social security number, his cellphone number, physical address (including the GPS co-ordinates) and various other personal information we aren’t comfortable linking to.

Of course we can’t stop you plugging words into YouTube to find the video, though we hope you have the strength of will not to use the information you find there for nefarious purposes, regardless of your opinion of Trump.

[Source – Anonymous]


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