The Unity game engine has received a bad rap over the years for being a simplistic tool that’s only good for making ugly games.

This incorrect assumption is mostly due to the copy-paste abuse so prevalent on so many Steam Early Access games, as well as a handful of budget titles. We’re looking at you, ARMA Tactics.

But now, we’re getting to see what’s possible with the latest build of the engine in an upcoming short film titled Adam, put together by Unity’s Demo Team. While not yet out (the full video will be unveiled at Unite Europe 2016), we at least have a rather impressive trailer to gawk over.

This trailer is a real-time render, meaning it is “drawn” on the fly, instead of being processed beforehand. Games are rendered in real-time as they are played, while animated movies are not. The point of these displays is to show off the technical prowess of a game engine and its ability to process the incredibly high quality imagery.

This was pulled off in a beta version of  Unity 5.4 using a simulation tool called CaronteFX to make it look so good. If that isn’t impressive enough, it runs at a resolution of 2 560 x 1 440 on a NVIDIA GTX 980.

We’re definitely excited for this film; it ticks all of our favourite sci-fi boxes and it has robots. What more can you ask for?

But more than that, we’re looking forward to games made in Unity that can give the Unreal Engine a run for its money in the visual fidelity stakes. Even Early Access/budget ones.

[Source – Unity]