There was a time when if you wanted high speed internet that was as stable as it was fast, your only option was to have fixed-line internet installed in your home.

Thankfully however, we are no longer bound by terrestrial cables and we can opt to have internet wirelessly beamed to our homes. Even better, LTE services can bring internet to areas that currently don’t have fibre or have never even seen old-school copper cables used for ADSL.

Now before you rush off and sign up for an LTE internet connection, you should do your home work and shop around because high-speed wireless internet doesn’t come cheap.

To help, we’ve looked at all the deals available from three of South Africa’s major mobile network operators. For those that have been watching prices for a while you will notice that Cell C’s prices have recently been adjusted.

Cell C

Package Anytime Data Night Data Total Data Out of bundle rate Included Price
SmartData 5GB 5GB 15GB 20GB R0.99 Huawei E5573 (LTE MiFi) R99
Smartdata 10GB 10GB 10GB 20GB R0.99 ZTE MF283 Router R299
Smartdata 20GB 20GB 20GB 40GB R0.99 ZTE MF283 Router R399
Smartdata 30GB 30GB 30GB 60GB R0.99 ZTE MF283 Router R499
Smartdata 50GB 50GB 50GB 100GB R0.99 ZTE MF283 Router R699
Smartdata 100GB 100GB 100GB 200GB R0.99 ZTE MF283 Router R999

Night Data is used from 12am to 6am.


Package Anytime Data Night Surfer Total data Out of Bundle rate Included Price
SmartBroadband Wireless 5GB 5GB 5GB 10GB R0.29 Huawei B315 router R229
SmartBroadband Wireless 10GB 10GB 10GB 20GB R0.29 Huawei B315 router R329
SmartBroadband Wireless 20GB 20GB 20GB 40GB R0.29 Huawei B315 router R429
SmartBroadband Wireless 30GB 30GB 30GB 60GB R0.29 Huawei B315 router R529
SmartBroadband Wireless 50GB 50GB 50GB 100GB R0.29 Huawei B315 router R729
SmartBroadband Wireless 100GB 100GB 100GB 200GB R0.29 Huawei B315 router R1 029

Night surfer is used from 12am to 7am.


Package Anytime Data Night Data Included Price
500MB 24 Month Package 500MB 1GB MF253 Router R129
1GB 24 Month Package 1GB 2GB MF253 Router R149
2GB 24 Month Package 2GB 4GB MF253 Router R179
3GB 24 Month Package 3GB 6GB MF253 Router R239
5GB 24 Month Package 5GB 10GB MF253 Router R329
10GB 24 Month Package 10GB 20GB MF253 Router R569
20GB 24 Month Package 20GB 40GB MF253 Router R1069

Night Data is used from 12am to 5am.

So who is the cheapest? Well, as prices vary from package to package that really depends on your needs.

In terms of sheer value for money however, Cell C’s top tier package is priced better than all other packages, though it is by a close margin.

[Image – CC BY/2.0 Armando Alves]