If you’re the person in the office who faces a constant barrage of queries about Excel, you might be the spreadsheet grandmaster Microsoft is looking for in its Office Excel Champs competition.

Okay, as competition’s go, this doesn’t have the most thrilling of titles, but for playing around with the spreadsheet program you could win yourself a Dell Latitude E7470 notebook, a subscription to Office 365, a Lumia 1320 smartphone, a Jabra headset and a Microsoft mouse.

So now that you know what is up for grabs, how do you get your hands on all that loot?

First you’ll need to download two spreadsheets from a OneDrive folder. We’ve tested them both out and neither file raised a red flag on our anti-virus apps.

Once downloaded you’ll need to follow the instructions included within the spreadsheet (we looked for a .txt document for a good 30 minutes) to complete it.

Once you’re done, save the file and email it along to excelsa[at]microsoft[dot]com.

The catch here is that you need to do this before round one closes on the 30th March at 12pm.

On 4th April Microsoft will then announce the Top 30 competitors who will then compete against each other until only 10 contestants remain. These folks will once again compete for the title of Excel Champ until 25th April where the finalists (Microsoft has not yet told us how many there will be) will be announced.

The finale of the competition will take place at the Microsoft South Africa offices in Bryanston, Johannesburg on 27th May.

Microsoft South Africa has said that the competition is open to anybody, from beginners to Chief Financial Officers but has warned that as you progress through the ranks the difficulty curve will get climb higher.

If you need some more information, or just verify that we aren’t playing some sort of cruel joke on you all make sure to visit the Microsoft South Africa Facebook page where you’ll also be able to get updates about the competition.

Good luck!

[Source – Microsoft] [Image – SA BY/2.0 Craig Chew-Moulding]