YouTube content creators How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) have made a name for themselves with short animations showing how they think popular movies should have ended.

Now they’ve given Star Wars: The Force Awakens the same treatment, this time using LEGO.

The stop motion work on the video was done by veterans of the art form in BrotherhoodWorkshop. The last time we wrote about them they had condensed Avengers: Age of Ultron into a three-minute clip, all achieved with the little Danish bricks.

Before you click play below or we talk about it any further, this video has spoilers regarding Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. If you haven’t seen it (for some bizarre reason) or read our review (for any other equally bizarre reason), go do that quick. We’ll wait.

Done? Good.

Fair warning, spoilers below.

The crux of HISHE’s argument on how Force Awakens should have ended hinges on the fact that ol’ Skywalker could have showed up, wrecked house, and saved everyone he cares about a hell of a lot of trouble. Which, come to think of it, is a pretty damn good point.

Looking past the plot and logic holes, there’s a lot of detail to make LEGO nerds (like us) weak at the knees. From the custom TR-8R and Luke Skywalker minifigures, to the newer Darth Vader figure being used as the force ghost and even a classic X-Wing set replacing the newer versions of the craft for the ending scene. It’s all wrapped together in some near flawless stop motion, and if it doesn’t make you all warm inside, you need to touch your inner child. No wait, that sounds like a felony.