No matter how long you’ve been playing Hearthstone one of the first things you start to notice is how in love the community is with Blizzard’s collector card game.

Knowing this, Blizzard has taken a novel approach to how it reveals cards for the upcoming Whispers of the Old Gods expansion.

Rather than just releasing cards randomly, fans will be able to vote for which new card they want to see next by casting a vote for their favourite Hearthstone personality.

Online Hearthstone streamer, Anderonie, was the first to reveal a card. The Neutral, Faceless Shambler is a four-mana cost Taunt card with 1/1 stats. Terrible economy if you ask us, except that its battlecry allows it copy a friendly minion’s attack and health. We want one now.

Next up was Kripparrian who revealed a Legendary card for the Shaman class. For 5 mana players get Hallazeal the Ascended which is a 4/6 card bearing the inscription, “Whenever your spells deal damage, restore that much health to your hero.” Watch Krip break the card down in the video below.

The Call of C’thun awakens more minions

These two cards aren’t the only cards that have graced the internet. Over on Hearthpwn, 11 more cards have been revealed including a number of class specific cards.

For the Warrior class, Ancient Shieldbearer is a 7 cost card with 6/6 stats and the battlecry, “If your C’thun has at least 10 Attack gain 10 Armour.”

Add a Brann Bronzebeard to the mix and you have the potential to gain 20 armour at turn 7.

While we rejoiced at the site of Eater of Secrets the Paladin class is getting a new gift, Forbidden Healing. The card costs zero mana but spends all your mana and heals for double the mana spent.

The final card we’re going to tell you about is C’Thun’s Chosen. A 4 cost card with 4/2 stats that has a battlecry which will “give your C’Thun +2/+2 (wherever it is).”

Remember, you can pre-order 50 Whispers of the Old Gods packs for €44.99 (R777.88) which also nets you a Whispers of the Old Gods card back.

Unfortunately by time of writing we still had no official release date, but as soon as we know, we’ll be sure to let you know.

[Source – Blizzard]