It seems today is the day for using virtual reality (VR) to make everything more immersive.

Pornhub recently did it with smut, and now Virtual Desktop wants to do it with everything else (and porn too, if you’re so inclined).

The premise of this piece of software is loosely based on the concept of “virtual theatres“, in which audiences enjoy a more immersive and impressive viewing experience through a VR headset. Replace a cinema with your PC screen, and you get the idea.

But, not to simply ape that (despite having that exact functionality as a feature), Virtual Desktop is packed with unique ways to take advantage of turning your screen into three dimensional space.

Features include the ability to make your screen seem curved, 3D music visualisation and the ability to watch 3D movies. Creator Guy Godin shows off these features and more in a video demonstrating the first public build.

As this is version 1.0 (I.E. the first version to go be released into the wild), you’ll be able to buy it from Steam from March 28th. Unfortunately there’s no price at the moment.

It may seem strange that software such as this is being release on Steam, even though it can be used for games. Don’t forget that the store also has a comprehensive “Utilities” section that focuses on useful software. A great example is the budgeting suite You Need A Budget  which can help your bank account survive the next Steam sale. Funny enough, you can actually pick that up during a sale which, I’, sure you’ll agree, a budget would agree with.

If you’re thinking about picking this up in a few days when it becomes available, you’ll need access to an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Hopefully Godin adds support for more headsets as time goes on.