The newest superhero romp on the block is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, despite it being kicked up and down the street by critics, it’s earning money hand over fist.

Whether this is an indication that critics are idiots or that Batman is critic proof, we don’t know. We do know however that the film made in excess of R16 million over this past weekend in South Africa.

Not only that, but it’s the biggest film from Warner Bros. in our little corner of Africa as well as the second biggest three-day opening of all time behind  Fast & Furious 7. If that isn’t enough; it’s the biggest March opener we’ve seen so far.

Internationally the film is currently sitting at the very silly amount of about $424 million (R6.5 billion), which makes it the biggest superhero movie opening weekend of all time.

While all these big numbers are great to look at, they need to be put into perspective. For this movie to break even, it needs to gross $800 million (more than R12 billion). Even if it doesn’t do that while still in cinemas, there’s always the possibility that  sales from DVD/Blu-rays as well as licensing out the property may make up the distance..

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a very strange movie right now. Even if you didn’t enjoy watching the movie, seeing it unfold in the real world is extremely compelling. And free.

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[Image – Darius Crud Rides Again!]