After the runaway success of the delightfully charming The LEGO Movie, we have something more dark and batty to tide us over before the sequelThe LEGO Batman Movie.

Yes, the most popular toy brand on the face of the planet is creating an entire feature-length movie based solely on the Dark Knight.

In the past week we were graced with not one teaser trailer, but two. The second one was released, not just “because Batman”, but because of the success of the warm reaction to the initial trailer.

The video already has more than three million views despite being released only four days ago. Check it out below.

Thankfully the full humour and charisma of The LEGO Movie is still alive and kicking in the Batman universe. For both LEGO and DC Comics nerds the teaser is packed full of Easter Eggs and references to both franchises lore and history.

If you thought that was great, the second one does an even better job by poking fun at the past Batman movies as Alfred comments on Mr. Wayne’s various real life incarnations in film and TV over the years. Indeed Batman (again voiced by Will Arnett) even comments on how well he has aged, despite his acting career beginning in the sixties. A testament to the build quality of LEGO, or just a silly joke, you decide.

While we could continue to talk about our favourite plastic bricks for a while longer, we’re instead going to throw in more Batman. Specifically a deleted scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While it is strange that such a video would be released so close to the premiere of the movie, we’re not going to discuss it. You’ll not only need to see the new film, but you’ll need a healthy knowledge of the DC universe to figure out what the hell is going on.

Despite critics (read our review here) not particularly liking the movie, an upcoming three-hour, R-rated extended cut of the film is on the card and many fans are hoping this will at least explain the brain-dead plot and rushed pacing.

Regardless, Dawn of Justice is making a hell of a lot of money and we’re guessing this LEGO version is going to follow suit.