Twitter continues its march to add new features presumably to win back user numbers. Yesterday it added a new feature which allows users to add 420 character image descriptions.

But you’ll probably never use or see this feature. The reason for that is the descriptions are meant for those who are visually impaired and who could otherwise not view these images.

So, if you have trouble seeing an image, how are you supposed to read the text? Well, you’ll need to use a specialised Twitter client that is designed to read out text, make text larger or even output in braille in some way.

To assist with this, the platform has extended its developer options to incorporate the new feature.

if you want to see these changes, you’ll need to follow Twitter’s steps to enable image descriptions, as well as use a client such as Chicken NuggetEasyChirp or The Qube.

We’ve tried out the image descriptions for ourselves by following the steps above. While it was easy to do, you won’t see the fruits of your labour unless you’re using one of those special clients.

We must give Twitter a thumbs up (or a favourite, we suppose) for this. The social media platform deserves props for making an effort to meet the needs to a portion of its userbase, as that group of users will certainly get a lot of use out of it.


[Source – Twitter blog]