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Another Captain America: Civil War trailer, and more spoilers

There were rumours swirling around yesterday that the upcoming Captain America: Civil War trailer  would show off one of the popular superheroes who has been kept in the shadows.

We are going to talk about the spoiler, and there’s every chance all your friends will spoil it for you when you get into work or school, but we’re warning of spoilers ahead of time.

Everyone gone? Good.



Okay, so Spider-Man finally showed up and we’ve got a good look at Tom Holland’s version of the Wall Crawler. You only see him for a few seconds at the end of the trailer, but the trailer is so damn good Spider-Man’s appearance is the delicious icing.

We did know that Spider-Man was always slated to be in the movie, but we were hoping that they would save his reveal for the actual movie. Oh well, it’s still a brilliant trailer and we’re more than pumped for it.

While there’s some reused footage here, we did learn a bit more from the short trailer.

The events of the two Avengers movies and Captain America: The Winter Soldier are used as the examples to convince the heroes that they need to be reigned in. As Tony Stark states; “We need to be put in check”.

We also learn more about that ominous shot where Iron Man looks over his injured (and possible dead) buddy War Machine. It seems his injury came from a hard fall courtesy of the Winter Soldier destroying his suit’s arc reactor with a well placed shot. We’re still convinced this is a fake out, however, and Rhodey will survive to be in more movies.

Now to cryogenically freeze ourselves so the time goes faster, because we really want to see this one. 

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