Grab your popcorn, a war is brewing in EVE: Online

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The world is divided into three camps: those that have never heard of EVE: Online, those that are too intimidated by the game to play it and those that live the game.

At its core EVE: Online is an MMO that takes place in a massive galaxy where players spend their time mining for resources or battling it out against one another.

In recent years the game has become well known for its massive space battles which can cost owners of ships, real world money in some instances. The Fountain War, the last big fracas between factions saw the destruction of $300 000 worth of spacecrafts. That’s real world money, by the way, not in-game money.

Since that war the universe of EVE Online has been calm, well, as calm as an ongoing battle for resources, ships and territory can be.

But according to Reddit user, TheRealMartini, a number of events in the last nine months could about to spark off a war.

Why spark a (potentially very expensive) war?

When the last major war concluded there was one super power remaining, Cluster F**k Coalition (or CFC) which has since changed its name to The Imperium.

After the war, leader of The Imperium, The Mittani, had plans to publish a book which would be crowdfunded. The move was met with backlash by the EVE community on Reddit who saw this as The Mittani trying to monetise his alliance members.

Despite this backlash, in the two years since The Fountain War, The Imperium has been carving out a nice corner of space for itself building up an arms cache, wealth and influence, by any means necessary.

Not everyone within The Imperium has been satisfied with the state of affairs. Over the last several months there haveen rumours that some high profile members of The Imperium have left.

Most recently the group Circle-of-Two split from The Imperium, saying they had become increasingly dissatisfied with the way it was running the universe.

“Over the past few months it has become increasingly clear that we have served as a meatshield. Circle-Of-Two is NOT a meatshield,” said Head Dipolmat for Circle-of-Two, The Judge on EVE News24.

“We will no longer stand as an unequal partner in The Imperium. For the good of our members we will be separating ourselves from The Imperium with a full and complete reset of all Imperium member alliances as of 2016.03.29 at 00:01 EVE Time.”

The Imperium then, seems to be leaving a sour taste in the mouths some EVE citizens and rather than sit in silence, tensions are growing. Last week, things came to a head.

In what may eventually become known as the first battle of this war, The Imperium took a rather large hit. This may seem like one loss but imagine The Imperium is the Empire and everybody else is the Rebel Alliance.

Defeating this coalition is a major victory for the little guy and psychologically shows that even if the top dog is sitting pretty, they can be defeated by those rebellious enough to try.

So what does this all mean?

Well, the war which seems to be brewing could be one of the largest that has ever been seen in the EVE universe given how large The Imperium is and how angry they have made the smaller alliances.

For those of you that don’t play EVE, its worth checking out these battles as they often result in huge real-world money losses and spectacular space battles J.J Abrams wishes he could recreate.

On a personal note, reading up about the world of EVE Online has made me want to go back, watch all the old wars and watch this latest one when it starts.

Add to this the fact that the game lore has been created by players and is so convoluted you really need to look at it as if it were history. Perhaps I’m not making the game all that attractive but it is interesting and worth reading up about.

[Via – Reddit] [Main Image – EVE Online]

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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