The near indestructible Nokia 3310 takes on a hydraulic press

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The Nokia 3310, the lovechild phone of 2000, is known for two things: playing the amazing Snake and Space Impact games, and being able to take more punishment than a heavyweight boxer.

The internet has been lauding the phone for almost two decades because of this, and you’ll find images like our featured one everywhere.

But now, aptly-named YouTube channel Hydraulic Press Channel introduces an unstoppable force to what was previously thought to be indestructible object. Let’s see who wins.

While we don’t know what force the press was exerting, it did make short work of the Nokia. As the creator of the video states, props must be given, as the phone still looks like a phone after the press, albeit a very slim one.

If you’ve lost faith in feats you thought impossible, another one of the channel’s videos tackled a similar challenge. The old adage “you can’t fold a piece of paper more than seven times” is debunked when you consider using impossibly large pieces of paper (as the Mythbusters proved) or theoretical forces.

What the saying leaves out is some stipulations that the piece of paper is the “standard” A4 size and you should be taking on the challenge in the real world, not the realm of theoretical folding powers.

And that’s what happens when you try and cheat the universe, it blows up in your face. While we do love the above Nokia video, we really didn’t expect folding paper to be so violent.

If you want a phone that is still, you know, usable, check out our review of the Hisense Infinity KO, an Android phone that we struggled to damage.


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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