WhatsApp’s “quick reply” feature coming soon to all Android phones

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WhatsApp’s latest update for its Android app gives people an easy way to respond from the notifications tray.

The “quick reply” feature will show you the incoming text in the notifications tray, along with a quick reply option just below the text line.

Tapping on reply will open up a small window in the middle of your screen where you can type your response in, or open up WhatsApp.

Quick reply isn’t entirely new to all WhatsApp Android users however; those using various Sony Xperia, Xiaomi and Huawei mobiles have had it from as far back as late 2015, which automatically pulled the quick reply window up without you having to draw down the notifications tray, even while your screen is locked.

The quick reply text box allows you to include an emoji and voice note, but if you want to add other attachments, you’ll have to open the app.

Seeing as it’s officially slated to be rolled out to the latest version of the app, all Android users regardless of their phone models will be able to make use of it soon.


This comes in really handy when you’re busy and just want to send a quick message and not bother with the app itself.

A few new tweaks have been added to the app to change how your messages look. You can either make them bold by adding an asterisk before and after a word (without spacing), italics by adding underscores or a strikethrough by adding tildes.

You also now have more – although not very interesting – wallpaper options to choose from with the addition of solid colours and a WhatsApp wallpaper library.

The update is currently in beta version 2.16.3 and is available either through the Google Play Store if you’re part of the beta program, or you can just download the APK file. Otherwise look out for it when it’s added to the general Play Store update.

[Source – Android Police]




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