Ahhh, 1st April, a day dedicated to playing the fool while the keen-eyed amongst the chaos try their best to decipher fact from fiction.

While you can release a sigh so loud it’s audible in three provinces, we’ve learned to take the day for what it is, 12 hours of unadulterated fun, and this year tech companies came out swinging.

Yes there was a bit of a egg on Google’s face when the company replaced the widely used “Send and Archive” button with “Send and Drop Mic”, much to the dismay of users, but for the most part the creativity flowed like the Nile River.

Razer’s Project Breadwinner

The violently luminescent green brand decided that, while personal drones and a hovering mouse were cool, what gamers really wanted for 2016 was bread branded with the Razer logo.

The video features Razer Chief Executive Officer Min-Liang Tan who urges fans not to support Project Breadwinner, but we ignored him. The idea of Chroma profiles for our buttered toast is simply too cool not to be tempted by.


Rumours are flying thick and fast that NVIDIA will be unveiling its latest GPU next week, the GeForce GTX 1080 (name is not confirmed at time of writing) but today NVIDIA unleashed a different kind of monster on the world, an energy drink.

Claiming 43% faster response times and input speeds GeForce GTX ENERGY also claimed to give gamers longer, more focused gaming sessions. Is it wrong that we really wanted a can of this?

Clicking the “Get your drink here” button takes you to a Google Doc where you can enter your Twitter handle or email address to be entered into a draw for a GeForce GTX 980Ti, which is a nice touch.

Snoopavision from YouTube

What’s better than getting lost in YouTube’s suggested videos for hours? That’s right 360 degree videos starring Snoop Dogg, or is it Lion? We forget.

Anyway, the premise is that clicking a button will make any video a 360 degree video starring Snoop.

The video alleges that Snoop did a large part of the coding, which is impressive, given that the code is so clean. So clean in fact that we can’t find it anywhere.

Yuppiechef offers Chopper Delivery

Get it? Chopper delivery. We found this little bit of tom-foolery from local start-up Yuppiechef which would allow customers to have their kitchen tools delivered by a remote-controlled helicopter.

According to Yuppiechef, Chopper Delivery would be free and valid on big and small orders, though we do wonder how that small helicopter would cope with an 18 piece Le Cruset casserole dish set.

Lenovo PawPad Yoga 9

Thanks to Lenovo for giving us the chance to write about cats in this story.

The PawPad is pegged as the perfect notebook for your feline friend. With features like a pawprint scanner, water-proofing and dander proofing, the PawPad can also be used in four modes.


While the idea of a Tent mode makes sense as a cat house, we do wonder whether Lenovo considered that cats don’t have opposable thumbs.

ArtStroke from Deviant Art

Artists will now be able to count their strokes with the launch of the ArtStroke stroke counting wearable from popular artistic image sharing site, Deviant Art.

We could describe it ourselves but this excerpt tells you everything you need to know.

“ArtStroke is a new device that encourages daily creativity by recording every flick of your wrist. Just strap it on and grab the tool you’re most passionate about.”


We know wearables are trendy and useful but we don’t think this one will catch on.

Kickstarter goes belly up

Yes, this is our own prank but we quite enjoyed dreaming it up.

The initial idea was born in the mind of our own Clinton Matos and it just grew from there. We also tried to give everybody a bit of a fright when we alleged that various porn sites would auto share your viewing history to any social media platforms you might be logged into.

Did you see any April Fools’ jokes that made you chuckle? Share them with us in the comments or over on Twitter.