Meet Neon Brown, a robot made from 3D printed parts, kielbasa and a hotdog. Yes, really.

Before we get into the how, you’re most likely asking “why, why, why”. Creator Sarah Petkus explains the birth of her “sausage child” in the YouTube description of Neon Brown in action. It was made as part of HeboCon, an event at Petkus’ makerspace which she describes as a ” derpy robot fighting challenge”.

From the video it looks like HeboCon tasks entrants with creating a machine to compete in a sumo match in which the winner pushes its opponent out of the ring. It’s charmingly silly.

Now for the “how”. This tower of sausage is based on a design referred to as a “Delta robot“. This method of making machine is often used in factories and, most recently, 3D printers.

Petkus is well-versed in this particular breed, as she used 100 of them to create an art installation called “Light Play“. Think of Neon Brown above, but replace the hotdog with a light and you have an entrancing piece of robotic art.

Now,we know that there was no real reason for using meat where plastic, metal or almost anything else would have worked. But that’s the point of makerspaces and events like HeboCon. These are spaces where anything goes and the focus is on fun and learning above all else.

We highly doubt a single child at that event won’t be waxing lyrical about the meaty might that they saw fight at a makerspace one eventful night. It’s events like this that inspire the next generation of artists, engineers and more that keep the world going.

Now if you found the video above a bit short and want more of the insanity, we’ve included a video below of another Hebocon that took place in Japan. Please give it a watch but we must warn you: one of the creations uses sex toys as its mode of locomotion…