Thirty years ago in 1986 The Legend of Zelda was released and fans of the franchise have been deeply engrossed in Hyrule ever since.

Not content with playing the original on an NES or an emulator, developer Scott Lininger has recreated the game in 3D and stuck it on the internet for anyone to play.

Called “Zelda30Tribute” the game is actually a 2.5D remake which uses voxel models in place of regular sprites.

You’re not only able to play the game with a keyboard and mouse on a computer, but you can also load it up on your phone and play it thanks to the touch-screen controls.


We’ve had a brief play through and it feels great. There are some hitches and jerks and the playing it on mobile offers a hell of a lot of lag. This is probably due to the fact that what is available is only a demo which encompasses only three of the nine dungeons from the original game.

On the game’s official Facebook page, Lininger and artist on the project Mike Magee admit that this is “not a 100% finished overworld”, but that they are working on it. The pair is asking players to give the code a bash and report experiences, bugs and everything else on Facebook or Twitter.

The biggest obstacle we can see this tribute facing is Nintendo themselves. While the games doesn’t look to be generating any money for the developers, Ninty is known to be rather protective of their properties. Hopefully Nintendo will see this as the labour of love that it clearly is and leaves it alone.

Play Zelda30Tribute in your browser