The Dark Souls series (and, by extensions, its tenuous cousins Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne) have built an empire on satisfying, challenging gameplay.

But there’s another side to the excellent game design present here: lore.

While the combat is immediate and frantic, the way the games drip feed you lore at a glacial pace.

While there are some cutscenes at certain points of the game, they’re never the clunky expositional kind present in most games. Instead it, as well as the NPC dialogue, is vague to the point of obscurity.

Because of this, Dark Souls has created a fan base dedicated to unraveling the story and building up an agreed-upon lore since the developers usually remain silent about it.

If all of that is scaring you away from the upcoming third game, fret not, for IGN has created a video which gives you the cliff notes in only five minutes.

Now what you watched above is only the surface level of the series’ sprawling narrative. If you want to dig deeper we suggest shovelling away a few hours of your life into the Wiki.

Alternatively check out the YouTube channels VaatiVidya and LORE for deeper looks on this game and more. VaatiVidya goes the more atmospheric route in dozens of videos, while LORE looks over it in just a minute, and is much less depressing to watch.


[Source – IGN on YouTube]


P.S. If the header image seems not to fit into the story, here’s some context. There’s a well established image macro on the internet based on a picture of Bert from Sesame Street with the text “That’s Real F*ckin’ Neato”. It ties into Dark Souls because an important character in the lore is named “Nito”. Some kind internet stranger created the header image and we’re still not quite sure why we find it so funny.