Uber South Africa earlier this week announced that it would be reducing the cost of rides from R7/km to R6/km in the winter months to help business along.

Apparently this didn’t sit too well with the Uber drivers in Cape Town who have held strikes today.

With Uber’s business model, drivers can net up to 80% of a ride’s fee as a “salary”, so with the reduction of 20% in charges, the drivers stand to get less money as a result.

But Uber was quick to point out that the reduction in fees is actually to the benefit of the drivers, as winter tends to be slower in terms of traffic and the reduction will increase business during this time.

“Lower fares will ultimately get more riders on the road, which means more trips for drivers and an increase in driver-partner earnings. The scarcity of winter is often a tough time for driver-partners, and this boosted demand allows them to spend more time moving people around the city,” Uber explained.

Uber also said that it is always willing to talk with any drivers who raise issues with this new policy.

“Driver-partners know that they can speak to us at any time and there are a number of ways that partners can let us know if they have any individual concerns.”

Some Twitter users have also taken to the microblogging site to complain about the strike – either out of frustration, or out of ignorance about the strike.

htxt.africa has contacted Uber for comment as there are fears that the troubles in Cape Town could soon spread to Johannesburg.

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