Telephony service provider BitCo announced that it would be installing a fibre network to service businesses in the Strijdom Park area near Randburg. The actual cabling will be done by Global Platinum Solutions (GPS), who will also be laying down the optical fibre cables.

Fibre-based internet connections are more becoming the norm, and rightfully so, as their blazing-fast download and upload speeds completely blow copper-wired ADSL’s speeds out the water and even give LTE performance a run for its money.

According to a media release, BitCo’s managing director Jarryd Chatz said “…this initiative will provide businesses convenient and speedy access to a reliable high-speed fibre network for an unprecedented Internet experience.”

While no pricing has been made available yet, BitCo did add that all fibre packages will be uncapped and include a service level agreement with guaranteed 99% uptime.

Also helping businesses connect to fibre, the City of Cape Town yesterday announced that it will be connecting more businesses in the Central Business District to its fibre network soon.

This won’t be the first time the City has undertaken an initiative of this type; it has already connected 290 government buildings to fibre connections. Today’s announcement will see an additional 49 private buildings connected to the loop.

“It is part of the metro-wide R1.7 billion roll-out of the municipal broadband network. We’ve not been given the costs to the city of each individual building roll-out,” explained Carola Koblitz, communications manager for the Central City Improvement District.

[Image CC by 2.0 – Michael Wyszomierski]


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