Comparison websites have been around for a while now, offering information that help consumers pick everything from the best mobile phone packages to life and health insurance, to fit their budgets. But how many of these sites point you in the direction of the bank best suited to your needs?

Well, thanks to, you can now add financial products to the list of comparable offers. The website allows you to compare 26 financial products from 106 financial institutions – ranging from loans, cheque accounts and debit cards, and even foreign exchange.

“Fincheck means that consumers no longer have to go to several websites to obtain information about the financial service or product they are looking for, where each website presents product information differently and in a way that is difficult to understand, never mind compare with another institutions’ products. Consumers can get everything they need from our portal to make a quick comparison which best suits their needs and pockets,” explained Michael Bowren, CEO of Fincheck.

The concept of the financial product comparison website, according to Bowren, is modelled on UK-based price-comparison portal

He added that the unique thing about Fincheck is that it gathers all the data that one might need from the bank themselves, and then obviously present that to the visitor in a uniform way.

“We gather information from South African lenders, banks, unit trusts and other financial services partners and present it in a clear and uncomplicated format on No other South African website gathers as in depth information or works as closely with registered financial and accredited services partners.”

The aim of the website, besides the fact that it allows you to compare financial product, is also to help people save money. By using the website, you might discovery that a different bank has a similar account for much less, or a policy at a cheaper monthly rate.

“We feel very strongly about helping ordinary citizens so that they can move from being in debt to saving a little each month. We want to help them along that process, and ultimately, coach and support them into a position where they can start investing.”

[Image – CC by 2.0/Frank Grießhammer]
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