Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook made some pretty big announcements at the annual F8 developers’ conference, with one of the biggest talking points being chat bots for Facebook Messenger.

While chat bots won’t be available for South African businesses anytime soon, one business that did managed to get its foot in the door was The eBay-owned company is one of the first SA apps and one of only 20 in the world to incorporate Facebook’s Account Kit.

“We put great emphasis on simplifying trading on and we believe this new technology will do just that. (We are) excited and honoured to play a pioneering role with Facebook in this process,” said Johan Nel, Country Manager for Gumtree SA, in a media statement.

What the company’s Account Kit development tools does, is allow people the opportunity to sign into Gumtree’s app with either their Facebook credentials – or with a mobile phone number.

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you will be sent an SMS with a code, which is then used to log into Gumtree.

The idea is to get people to move away from traditional passwords and provide them with alternative ways of logging in.

“Most people find remembering passwords difficult, so Account Kit gives people the option to log into new apps with just a few taps using only their phone number or email address. There’s no need for a username and password. People can use Account Kit without sharing any information from their Facebook profile—they don’t even need a Facebook account to use it,” Facebook explained in a blog post.

The technology should make things a little bit easier for those that don’t want to use their Facebook credentials to sign into an app.

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