Internet Solutions (IS) has launched a set of online services for small to medium enterprises (SMEs)..

Launched last night in Johannesburg under the “IGNITE” business brand, the services comprise a bouquet of hosting, connectivity, email, cloud-based payroll and employee-management services, at prices and performance levels tailored to SMEs.

“With the right digital tools, we believe that SMEs can be just as efficient, connected and productive as corporates with large ICT budgets, if not more so,” said Tony Koutakis, Executive Head: IGNITE. “Leveraging Internet Solutions’ expertise and resilient network, we set out to provide a range of solutions that will help SMEs connect, run and grow their businesses.”

Businesses can use the site to browse all of the services on offer, and pick and choose the ones they want.

Koutsakis told in a post-launch interview that IGNITE’s services have been specifically tailored to meet the needs of smaller businesses, which are typically more agile than their bigger contemporaries and for whom things like years-long contract lock-in don’t work. He said IGNITE features a pay-as-you-use approach and easy cancellation options that are more in line with an SME’s needs.

The portal itself, he said, has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use, with the most pertinent information clearly displayed and all services and options described in language that’s easy for business owners to understand.

If you’re one of South Africa’s more than 450 000 small to medium-sized enterprises and you’re curious about what IGNITE has to offer, you can find the portal here.


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