It was first announced (and shown off) in January, and now Microsoft’s Flow mobile keyboard for Apple phones finally has a (ballpark) release date.

The mobile keyboard has been lauded in many circles as one of the best of its kind, as it has specifically been designed to make typing much easier when using Microsoft’s Word.

When will it be released? Well, that is the tricky part as it has only been stated as ‘soon’. The app is currently available for sign-ups in the closed beta phase, and you can sign up to be one of the testers.

“Our app is currently in a closed beta release, which means we want to get it JUST right before we open it up to everyone. Please enter your email address below, so that we can send you an invitation as soon as the Word Flow for iPhone app is ready,” it states on the sign up page.

The keyboard is a native application in Windows Phone, but two new features will be added to the iOS version. You will be able to change the keyboard’s background image to any one of your liking, and you can kick it into one-handed mode.

That mode is the biggest change, and the one that most people will forward to using, as it puts the entire keyboard in the left-hand side of the screen in a semi-circle. It allows you to swipe and tap out words.

If you want to know more about the keyboard, just check out the video below:

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