Saying Chrono Trigger is a great game is like calling the ocean slightly wet.

The 1995 RPG that was originally released on the SNES, is still many people’s favourite game to this day. It’s likely that maker Mav Vasquez may be one of those people, because he spent a year creating a piece of art based on the game.

The finished product, which you can see above, is collection of sprites pulled directly from the game and turned into a faux-3D display box. In  a build log laid out on image sharing site Imgur, Vasquez detailed the build.

It started with sprites taken from the game which were then printed onto paper and carefully cut out. Emphasis on “carefully”, because each individual pixel from the edges of the sprites were cut out individually.


The water background was made in much the same way and glued to the back of a shadowbox. To give the sprites some depth, they were suspended on pieces of wood.

Well we’ve grossly oversimplified the immense effort that went into this build, that’s the gist of it and we think you’ll agree that the result is fantastic.

Now, for the really good news, you can buy this piece of art right now. Vasquez manages an Etsy stored called Popt Art where you’ll find many similar pieces like this from franchises such as Super Mario Bros. and Mega Man.

This piece, titled ‘Chrono Trigger (Multi-Layer “3D” artwork) SNES‘ starts at $65 (R958) for a 10″ X 8″ (25,4 cm X 20.32 cm). There’s two sizes bigger with the largest options costing $260 (R3 833).

There is worldwide shipping available but remember that will probably increase the price. Nut, hey, who can put a price on art? (Well we suppose collectors and appraisers can, because that’s literally their job. Stop poking holes in our story).



[Source – Imgur]