Most parents with school-attending kids will know that educational institutions often struggle to get an important message out to parent in hurry.

For that reason, over 1 800 schools across the country have signed up to make use of the d6 School Communicator.

The Communicator is an online platform that can push messages from the school out to parents over email, text message or social media – even desktop notifications.

But sending out thousands of messages to every parent in a day can be very taxing on a school’s budget. So it is good news for schools that MTN has taken the decision to zero-rate the data used for the d6 Communicator.

What that means, is that schools who use the system and on MTN’s network, can send out messages and notifications for free, without having to worry about data costs.

“The decision by MTN to zero-rate d6 Communicator is an acknowledgement of the mounting pressure on customers’ disposable income and the consumer frugality due to the challenging economic climate,” MTN said in a statement.

Because the system has now been zero-rated, MTN naturally has to take steps to prevent abuse, and has therefore placed a 100MB cap on messages. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but MTN assures that the average usage is about 300kb.

“MTN is mindful of the impact of the tough economic environment on its customers. As a caring organisation, MTN is always exploring and introducing cost-effective solutions that will help our customers to make their Rand go much further. The decision to zero rate d6 Communicator is part of MTN’s strategy to provide affordable solutions that will help bridge the digital divide and foster the attainment of government’s goals of providing universal access to broadband services,” Larry Annetts, Chief Consumer Officer of MTN South Africa, said in a statement.

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