Damn time zones. Oh for the days of a timed press release that meant that dawn hit on the West Coast of the USA we’d get a nice juicy piece of information as South Africa hit evening time.

It was only because we were monitoring the Twitterfeeds on Hearthstone that we picked up possibly the best news that players of Blizzard’s card battling game will hear all week: Whispers Of The Old Gods, Hearthstone’s brand new expansion pack, will be released on 26th April. That’s next week Tuesday for those of you paying attention.

If you’ve beenĀ following our coverage of the new expansion (and if you haven’t what’s wrong with you?) you’ll know that the new expansion is based around the Old Gods of World Of Warcraft, a bunch of epic Cthulu-esque beasts from Azeroth that seem to be comprised of equal parts tentacles, teeth and chaos. Sample cards include giant evil beasts like C’Thun and Yogg-Saron – both of which are high-cost/high-damage monsters – and corrupted versions of cards that featured in the original set, such as Validated Doomsayer (a 0/7 card that has its attack set to 7 after one turn).

The new expansion features 134 new cards in all, most of which seem to be aimed at tossing massive curveballs at Hearthstone’s already highly involved metagame. Blizzard have been revealing certain cards over the last month or so, and we have to say we’re already mentally adding a some of them to our decks and trying to work out how best to utilise them with each class.

If you’re interested you can pre-order the expansion at a discounted $49.99 (around R713) in Hearthstone’s shop right now. Otherwise we suggest you get grinding, questing and generally saving up as much in-game gold as you can. You don’t want to be left out when the Old Gods of Azeroth emerge from an opponent’s hand next Tuesday…