Blizzard has added South Africa to the list of countries able to qualify for a spot at the Hearthstone Spring Season Tavern Heroes Tournament.

“Innkeepers from across Europe and as far as South Africa have heard the call for more Hearthstone! From May 13-15, we’ll be celebrating a weekend of card-slinging, and you can get involved in the fun at a number of new locations,” reads a blog post from the developer.

This is incredibly exciting news as it’s the first time South Africans will be able to qualify for a Hearthstone tournament of this scale.

What this means in the greater scale of the game is that if one of our South African players goes on to win the whole thing and then goes on to compete at the Hearthstone World Championship, the player could win themselves a piece of a $1 million prize pool.

Now that we’ve mentioned money we’re sure your ears have pricked up and we have your attention, so this what you need to do if you think you can be the very best, like no one, ever was.

First things first, you’ll have to qualify for the tournament at a Fireside Gathering.

There are two Fireside Gatherings happening this weekend in Randburg and Pretoria. For our readers in Kwa Zulu-Natal there is a chance to qualify on 30th April and for Capetonians there is a Last Chance Tavern Hero Qualifier on the same day.

Before you enter though we suggest familarising yourself with the Conquest format of the game as this is how the tournament will be run.

If your RNG is good and you manage to beat out the competition, you will then compete in the Tournament proper which will be held at Roodebloem Studios in Cape Town from 13th to 15th May.

After that there are a slew of other competitions that you can enter but the point of this all is that South African players (as long as you’re older than 13) can enter and, dare we say, should enter.

The worst that could happen is you spend a day playing Hearthstone, meeting folks that share your love for the game and you get to talk about all the nasty things the the latest, Whispers of the Old Gods expansion might hold, when it lands next week.

Not a bad day at the office… or, tavern if you ask us.

[Source – Blizzard][Image – Blizzard]