As much as you may like FIFA or PES, you can’t deny that Rocket League greatly added to the soccer game genre by introducing rocket-powered cars. Now it’s looking to do the same to the game of basketball with a new free mode called Hoops, available from April 26th.

If you’ve played the original game (or a game of indoor soccer, really), the change to the field is immediately obvious: in place of goals, there are “hoops”. While that may not seem like a massive change, it really shakes up the gameplay. Check it out in action below.

If you own the game already, all you need to do is update it on April 26th to enjoy the new mode.

You won’t just be getting hoops to aim at in a few days, however: there’s also a new field called “Dunk House” that has ramps leading up to the top of the hoops’s rim which cars can drive up. This makes dunking and saving theoretically easier; we say “theoretically” because Rocket League is the prime example of chaos in action.

Finally, while all of that is free, there’s also some paid DLC being added. You’ll be able to buy flags (little decorations for the cars) that bear the logos from National Basketball Association (NBA) teams. There’s no price announced for this addition yet, though.

When we reviewed Rocket League we fell in love with the mechanics, but found the lack of variety a massive sore spot, so we’re glad to see updates like this keeping the game fresh.

[Source – Rocket League on YouTube]