If you happen to be within the cross-section of people who love both Game of Thrones and Beyoncé, the past weekend has been a godsend.

Not only did Mrs. Knowles-Carter release a new album in the form of Lemonade on Saturday, but the sixth season of Game of Thrones began to air on Sunday – and pirates are having a grand old time with both.

Head to any secure, extremely popular torrenting site, and you’ll find Game of Thrones and Lemonade on the top of the TV Shows and Music torrent lists respectively.

The first episode of season six (titled: “The Red Woman”) is sitting at a truly astounding 36 837 seeders and 38 847 leechers at the time of writing. To put that into perspective: when Star Wars: The Force awakens first got leaked on pirating sites sites it could only muster around half of those numbers, at 18 373 seeders / 17 1229 leechers.

Beyoncé and Lemonade has much more conservative numbers at 879 seeders and 186 leechers. You can see the charts of both below:Game-of-Thrones-Beyonce

While this is news, it’s definitely not surprising. Game of Thrones has always been a prime and popular pirating target and both pieces of media are locked away behind paywalls and services few would like to use.

If you want to see Game of Thrones internationally, you’ll need a subscription to HBO. Locally, you’ll need to be paying for a DSTV package.

Lemonade is similarly difficult to procure, after it was aired on (coincidentally) HBO, if you want it now you’ll need to stream it through Tidal, or wait for it to become available on iTunes.

Of course, if you pirate them, you needn’t worry about any of this. It’s at this point that we feel obliged to remind you that pirating is illegal, and it’s the reason we’re so sparse on detail regarding the torrents and why you won’t find a single link going directly too them.