Developer Scott Cawthon has revealed what appears to be Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) 5, on his website.

The FNAF series is a point and click survival horror which puts the player in the shoes of a security guard (or a child in respect to the fourth game) and asks the player to survive for six hours over the course of five nights.

While that sounds simple enough there are a number of obstacles that stand between you and survival, namely, animatronics which want to cram you into a Freddy Fasbear suit.

The games are incredibly tense and the jump scares are sure to get you off guard, just check out Markiplier attempting to get through the first game, fair warning, the language is not safe for work.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 was meant to be the last game of the narrative but since Cawthon told us the series was over (Five Nights at Freddy’s 3), he is not to be believed.

At time of writing all we have to go on is an image of a particularly ominous clown (or is that Balloon Boy?) with the words “Five Nights at Freddy’s sister location, there was never just one”.

We won’t get into the expansive lore (no seriously, there are YouTube videos dedicated to determining the timeline of the FNAF games) but this game is sure to throw a spanner in the works of what theorists have come up with already.

More than a game

Why is a point and click title from an Indie developer getting us all in a tizzy? Well the story that the games tell beyond the “survive for six hours for five nights and get paid” instructions, is incredibly complex.

YouTube channel, The Game Theorists, has done multiple episodes trying to piece together the lore and find the real story behind the Five Nights at Freddy’s games and they did a good job wrapping things up at the end of FNAF 4.

The videos below are numerous but well worth watching if you want to understand how a simple game has caught the attention of many fans.

Much like Nick is obsessed with Eve: Online without playing much of it, I am obsessed with the horrific story that is FNAF and I’ve never even touched the game.

This sequel is sure to get fans speculating all over again and we’re excited to see what Cawthon has planned.

Will Golden Freddy return? Will Chica get her beak back and more importantly, will you survive five nights at Freddy’s? Will there even be a new game? Watch this space…

[Source – Scott Cawthon Games] [Image – Scott Cawthon Games]