With Beyonce’s latest release, Lemonade, available for streaming exclusively through Tidal you may be toying with the idea of getting yourself a HiFi subscription to the service.

But perhaps you may want to test your ears first.

While your eyes can quite easily see the difference between HD (1 280×720) and UHD (3 840×2 160) your ears might not  be able to properly appreciate the high quality audio.

That said, we aren’t qualified to tell you whether you are, or aren’t going to be wasting your money paying for Tidal HiFi so instead we’ll point in the direction of a handy little tool that we found.

A Peruvian music producer/audio technician and web developer, by the name of Saninn Salas has created a tool that will help you understand the various frequencies (the ones that humans can hear anyway) and what they sound like.

Perfect Ear Training is a humble web page but you will need to follow the link using Google Chrome, Google Chrome for Android or Safari on iOS.

There are two modes; the first allows you to browse through frequencies from 63Hz all the way up to 12.5KHz, just to hear what they sound like and should help for anybody trying equalise their audio perfectly.

Anybody looking to keep their title of “audiophile” however, will be interested in the second part of this site which lets you test your ears by playing a random frequency and asking you to identify it.

Truth be told once you’ve been through them all at least twice you should be able to guess them quite easily.

The site loads with eight frequencies (63Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz 4KHz and 8KHz) but you can switch this to 1/3 octaves that present a bit more of a challenge, our final result in a run of 24 audio clips saw us get five of them.

While it may be fun to test your friends who claim to be audiophiles and really aren’t, this tool is actually quite handy if you’re setting up a home theater system and hear unwanted buzzes or ghastly peaks where they shouldn’t be.

For anybody out there hoping to become and audio engineer, this should be an awesome little companion for last minute studying or while you’re on the job, though you really should know all of this

Take the test and let us know whether you’ll be sticking with regular Tidal or upgrading to Tidal Hifi in the comments below.

[Source – Perfect Ear Training] [Image – SA BY/2.0 Al Ibrahim]
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