You may think the art of creating arcade cabinets may be long dead but you’d be, ironically, dead wrong.

The last time we covered such an innovation in that space, it was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cabinet with 3D printed joysticks (among other things). That beautiful machine was created by Paradox Arcade Systems , and they’re back with a new creation: an arcade system that will change how it looks depending on the game you want to play.

It doesn’t employ some kind of shape shifting or cloaking, unfortunately, but it’s still really impressive. It uses the emulation software HyperSpin to play a variety of older titles on a gaming PC. All you need to do is select your game and watch the cabinet change.

Once you’ve chosen a game, RGB LEDs in the buttons change to highlight what you’ll need to mash to play. That’s cool and all, but the real draw is a 32″ LCD screen that sits at the top of the machine and displays the game being played. It’s a special display at the silly resolution of 16:3 that costs $600 (R8 647). See it in action:

That may seem like a lot for a single screen, but it’s a relatively small amount when considering the full project cost more than $4 500 (R64 892) and took “a few hundred hours” to complete. That’s a staggering investment when you consider you can play almost any classic arcade game, for free, in your browser. While you may object to the legal ambiguity when doing that, the software used here is the same.

Putting the price and the legality aside, we still really love this project. It’s great to go back to the classic pieces of electronics and see how they can be made better and personalised with newer tech, like a Game Boy / Raspberry Pi Zero that’s so much better than the original.



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