City of Cape Town to roll out fibre for CBD

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In March this year the City of Cape Town was considering the installation of fibre optic cables in its sewer and stormwater pipes to accelerate the roll-out of telecommunications infrastructure in the metro.

That decision seems to have taken root, and the Central City Improvement District (CCID) announced today that the Central Business District of the Mother City will be kitted out with super-fast fibre connections.

This won’t be the first time that the City has undertaken an initiative of this type; it has already connected 290 government buildings to fibre connections. Today’s announcement will see an additional 49 private buildings connected to the loop.

“It is part of the metro-wide R1.7 billion roll-out of the municipal broadband network. We’ve not been given the costs to the city of each individual building roll-out,” explained Carola Koblitz, communications manager for the Central City Improvement District.

Koblitz added that that City is only providing the fibre infrastructure to the area, but local businesses and offices are free to choose whichever ISP they want.

“In terms of service providers within buildings, one of the major advantages is that multiple commercial operators will be able to provide services. There is no ‘one’ service provider.”

She added that the ultimate goal of the fibre roll-out across the city is to connect 950 government buildings and as much as 2 500 private buildings to fibre.

In February, Cape Town’s metro fibre network proved it could handle the load when ADVA Optical Networking did some testing, sustaining data transfer speeds of 400Gbps between Nyanga and Mitchells Plain.

[Image – CC by Roshan Nikam]



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