FireIce is a material so good at putting out fires, you can play a game of Jenga that’s been set ablaze

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Vat19 is an online store known for their rediculous marketing to sell their equally rediculous products.

Case in point: bathing in 500 lbs of Putty. But, ironically, their newest video advertising a giant Jenga set, has become a better commercial for FireIce.

The aptly named FireIce is produced by the company GelTech Solutions. They market this as “the most versatile and efficient firefighting tool available” and promise that it can be used to fight electrical, structural and wildland fires.

How do they best show this off? Well, they coat an person’s hand with the stuff and take a blowtorch to the poor man’s appendage, and it does absolutely nothing.

Vat19 had the idea to set a Jenga set on fire, have people attempt to play it while their hands were safely coated in FireIce.

Luckily we’re not the kind of site to post gore videos, so you can rest assured that, amazingly, nothing went wrong here. The two foolhardy players managed to play a full game and come away with nothing but massive grins and (we imagine) feeling a bit like a superhero.

While we’re impressed by the Jenga’s fire resistance and the Vat19 guys’ great idea for the video, the real star is FireIce. It worked perfectly and allowed the video to be made “safely”.

Please, please, please do not try this at home. Even if you buy some of the compound (it’s surprisingly cheap at around $10 / R151 for a 92 ml bottle) this could go so horribly wrong.


[Source – Vat19 on YouTube]


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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