Snowden film has a full trailer

Oliver Stone’s Snowden movie now has a full trailer

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Edward Snowden has lived a life that is ready made for the Hollywood treatment.

Since he revealed to the world how the NSA was hoovering up private data and spying on allies and enemies alike with its Prism Program, it’s likely that studios have been fallen over themselves to secure the rights to his story.

So it was hardly a surprise when a teaser trailer dropped last year – and also hardly surprising that Oliver Stone was attached to direct, since, looking at his film oeuvre, this material pretty much has his name stamped all over it.

The teaser, however, didn’t reveal much about the film apart from the fact that Joseph Gordon-Levitt (he of Looper, and Inception fame) would be starring in the title role. Open Road, the studio behind the film, has dropped a full length trailer, which you can have a gander at below:

There’s a palpable thread of tension that runs through the trailer and for a tale of espionage featuring button-pushing nerds, Snowden looks like a high-octane thriller. Aside from Gordon-Levitt, one can see quite a few big names pop up in the trailer – Nicolas Cage, Zachary Quinto, Tom Wilkinson, Timothy Olyphant and Rhys Ifans among them.

According to Snowden’s IMdb page Quinto plays Glenn Greenwald, the American lawyer and journalist who made Snowden’s findings public in The Guardian. Tom Wilkinson plays Ewen MacAskill, The Guardian’s defence and intelligence correspondent who was involved in the preparation of the Snowden leaks for publication. The parts that Cage, Olyphant and Ifans are playing aren’t listed on IMdb, but from the trailer you could probably infer they’re playing high-end government heavies.

The trailer also reveals a release date for the film: September 16th. However, at the time of this writing it’s unclear whether Snowden will be released locally on that day. We’ll post more details as soon as we have them.



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