Afrikaans-speaking mobile phone users will soon be able to connect to a network which makes exclusive use of the Afrikaans language.

Mobile provider MVN-X and Western Cape-based radio station Bok Radio has partnered to form BokSel.

According to TechCentral, BokSel will be a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), and MVN-X is no stranger to setting them up – the company has been responsible for me&you mobile as well as the Mr Price Group’s mobile offering.

“All around the world there is a consumer trend towards serving customers in their mother tongue,” Steve Bailey, CEO of MVN-X, said in a statement.

“With Bok Radio having such a loyal and engaged audience, it presented an opportunity to tap into this trend by providing Afrikaans speakers with a mobile network that serves them in their home language and some great value-added services in Afrikaans.”

BokSel will be piggy backing on Cell C’s network, but MVN-X will be providing the technical backbone and customer support – in Afrikaans of course.

The packages per month, detailing what it entails.

It also has data packages that range from R50 for 100MB to 10GB for R599 – which works out to around 6c per MB.

Even though the radio station is based in the Western Cape, it covers most of the country – thanks to Cell C – so anybody can sign up to the network.

“To be a Mobile Service should be simple and without twists. With BokSel this is exactly the case. You remain at all times in control, structure your own package, order your SIM card and have it delivered to you – all online,” BokSel says on its website. “No queues and no questions! Your BokSel profile allows you to RICA and activate your SIM card on your own, and to change your package as it suits you.”

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