Eskom says it wants to see almost 50% its top management level positions being held by women by 2020.

“Eskom has set itself a target of 45.7% of women representation at both middle and senior management level by 2020,” the company said in a statement yesterday.

At the moment, women represent 36% of it’s professional and middle management and 30% of senior management. The company wants to increase that number to 38% this year.

“The gender equity programmes, including Eskom’s Women Advancement Programme (EWAP), fit into Eskom’s substantial transformation drive. Through this programme, Eskom has started to remould the women in energy and has started to eliminate the stereotypes that hamper or retard women’s progress,” chairperson Baldwin Ngubane said.

“The Eskom Women Advancement Programme aims to ensure a healthy pipeline of women, starting at high school level, and preparing them for a career at Eskom,” Ngubane said.

In March, Ernst 7 Young’s (EY’s) Women in Power and Utilities Index 2016 ranked the utility as the 6th most gender-diverse power and utilities company out of 20 in the world.

“The advancement of women in the public and private sectors as political and economic decision-makers has been one of the success stories of our new democracy,” Public Enterprises Minister, Lynne Brown, said during her department’s Budget Vote Speech.

“State owned companies are compacted in achieving socio-economic development and transformation. Eskom and other state-owned companies have invested in women development through mentorship and leadership development to skill them to compete equally with male counterparts,” she added.

[Source – Eskom, image – CC WOCinTech Chat]