Over 300 000 Gauteng motorists who owed etolls fees took advantage of the six month-long 60% discount dispensation, according to Sanral.

The roads agency tallied up its figures on Saturday and said that most motorists settled their debts in the last days leading up to the deadline at midnight yesterday.

“But that figure could have changed by today because people are transacting by the minute and by the hour,” Sanral spokesperson, Vusi Mona said.

Those who have still not settled their debts or made a payment arrangement with the Electronic Toll Collection company, will have to pay the original amount they owe, or risk facing legal action.

Right on cue, Outa has come out to dispute Sanral’s figures, implying it’s not possible that so many motorists have suddenly changed their tune and decided to comply with the call to settle debts.

“We have heard and seen how Sanral have previously made misleading statements of e-tag uptake and believe these claims are no different, as they try to get the public to doubt if the defiance campaign is weakening. It is not,” Outa chairman, Wayne Duvenage said in a post on Facebook.

“According to Outa’s calculations, there were less than 400 000 active, paying members out of roughly 2.5 million average monthly users of the Gauteng Freeway network by the end of March 2016. This is around 15% of freeway users, and even if Sanral doubles the e-toll compliance levels and gets 30% (around 750 00 to 800 000 users) to tag up and settle their bills, they will fall well short of the much needed 80% compliance for success and will still not have achieved the 40% compliance levels they had in mid-2014,” the agency said.

Outa also posted the following tweet last week:

In March, the agency claimed that Sanral had only collected R100 million of the R5.9 billion ring-fenced debt owed to it during the discount period, after the roads agency had stated that it collected between R80 million and R90 million during February and March.

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[Source – Times Live, image – Outa]