If you missed out on the 60% etolls debt discount offered between November 2015 and April 2016, don’t worry – the deadline has been extended.

The Minister of Transport, Dipuo Peters, announced an extension to the deadline, originally set at midnight on Monday, to give more late-minute motorists the chance to settle their debt.

The new deadline has now been moved to the 17th May.

According to a report on News24, the Transport department said there was an influx of motorists rushing to make a payment just before and after the original deadline, “leaving thousands of road users outside the window period”.

Sanral also mentioned a last-minute rush of motorists taking advantage of the discount.

“Taking into account that the deadline fell within a long weekend during which normal business activities were restricted and that the last minute demand exceeded available processing capacity, Minister Peters decided to extend the deadline,” the department said.

The department urged motorists to log their intent to settle their debt at once or make a payment arrangement by visiting the less60 website, emailing [email protected] or SMSing “Call Back” to 43360.

No doubt, Outa will stick to its guns with regards to virtually labeling the dicount dispensation a monumental failure and calling their bluff on the rush of motorists wanting to pay at the last minute.

Yesterday, it stated that Sanral needs to tell the public how much of the R5.9 billion discounted and ring fenced debt to September 2015, was collected through this offer, adding that anything short of R2.5 billion collected or committed for collection, will still mean the system will have only pushed compliance up to roughly 50%.

[Source – News24]