While it’s easily one of the most vibrant and creative artforms around,  graffiti is still a great way to get arrested.

If you want to skirt that possibility, you could create your graffiti in VR with Kingspray Graffiti Simulator VR.

The game – due to hit SteamVR next week and using HTC Vive – came to our attention thanks to a short trailer you can see below.

The player is able to quickly create art using a variety of spray cans in different colours and thicknesses. Especially impressive is the fact that paint sprayed on too thick will realistically drip, which speaks of the minute detail here,

Although not shown off in the trailer, the Kingspray website also promises the addition of stencils and outlines.

While that’s all very impressive, we have to throw in a couple of reminders here. As with all art creation tools, it’s almost always the skill of the artist on the other side of the PC (or VR headset) which makes the work impressive.

The trailer also seems to be sped up, so don’t expect masterclass work in the short time you see here. That being said, being able to practice in such a safe, relatively cheap manner is sure to be a boon to all artists.

Something suggested by our art department is possible integration with Google Maps, which would allow anyone to jump into the game and spray paint on real walls the world over.

This could even be extended to create a persistent world in which Earth’s walls eventually fill up with graffiti. We have no idea if that has passed through the developer’s minds, but we certainly hope so.

Right now there’s no official Steam page as of yet and the official site is relatively bare, so we’ll have to wait for more detail as it comes. Keep checking back to games.htxt for more.