Opera Software has today started rolling out a VPN app for iOS but unlike some free VPN services, this one is completely unlimited.

What that means is that you can use the VPN to browse as a many websites you want without a data cap thrusting you back onto an internet where some sites are blocked.

The app comes to us through Surfeasy, Opera’s VPN division. Surfeasy was acquired by Opera in March 2015 and has rolled out a free VPN service built into its browser for desktop computers, though at this point it appears to still be a work in progress.

“With the new Opera VPN app, we help people to break down the barriers of the web and enjoy the internet like it should be,” President of Surfeasy, Chris Houston said in a statement.

Houston went on to explain that the value of this VPN will be seen at schools and workplaces which have restricted access to some websites. We also think ordinary folks just browsing the web may find it useful as well, mainly because it blocks ad trackers.

This means that your online privacy is safer though you aren’t exactly “off the grid”.

The big question on your lips, we’re sure, is, “but can I watch Netflix US using this?”

The answer, unfortunately, is no. We downloaded the VPN on to an iPad and then switched the VPN on before diving into season four of House of Cards only to be greeted with this familiar message.


So while you can by-pass things like geo-blocking on some websites and keep advertisers from tracking you around the web, you won’t be able to watch what your US mates are watching on Netflix.

For that, you’ll probably need a VPN like NordVPN, which Charlie recently had great success with.

Still, this is a free service and if you absolutely must be able to use Instagram or YouTube at your school/university/workplace, this seems like a good, free solution that won’t cost you $8 (R121,66) a month.

That said, we are going to continue testing Opera VPN to see if it hits a brick wall elsewhere and if it does we’ll be sure to let you know.

For now though, Opera VPN is free and available on iPad and iPhone through the App Store.

[Source – Opera] [Image – Opera]