It’s going to be a while before we know exactly how many Gauteng etoll debtors took up Sanral’s 60% discount offer from May 2015 to yesterday, 17th May.

The etolls dispensation initially ended at midnight 2nd May, but the Department of Transport decided to extend the deadline to 17th May, to accomodate an influx of motorists rushing to make a payment in the last week running up to the original deadline.

“We are still calculating and collating information, and this will take time in order to be accurate,” Sanral spokesperson Vusi Mona told “However, the information will definitely be made available as soon as possible.”

On Monday, the Automobile Association (AA) called on Sanral to reveal the payment figures to “…show, once and for all, to what extent the system has been accepted or rejected.”

“Common sense should tell us that the figures the AA is seeking will only be known at the end of this extended period,” Mona said in statement reply to the AA.

Sanral said it received more than 600 000 inquiries during the initial discount period – whether via the web or via inbound calls from members of the public. Of the 600 000, approximately 130 000 paid or have made arrangements to pay.

“At last count a total of sum of R136 million in discounted total payments, as well as payment agreements for a further R123 million had been entered into. These figures will change once the numbers that came in during the extension have been taken into account,” added Mona.

Outa chairperson, Wayne Duvenage, still reckons the discount and extended deadline did little to change motorists’ compliance with paying etolls.

“The take up as we have calculated, is around 5%, so in total, we estimate their compliance sitting around 25 to 30% max.  The scheme had around 40% compliance two years ago.  As a user pays scheme, 30% is a serious fail, remembering that this has only been achieved under duress,” Duvenage said.

[Image – CC JMK]