Gran Turismo Sport, the latest iteration of Sony’s flagship racing simulator franchise, will land on the PS4 this November.

Gran Turismo Sport is out in the USA on November 15th and Europe on November 16th.

Sony unveiled the game and release date to a packed auditorium at The Copper Box Arena near the Olympic Park in London. Polyphony Digital CEO and GT Series Producer Kazunori Yamauchi thanked the F1A for three years of work to help ramp up the game’s authenticity.

Yamauchi said that players can choose to race in cars across four classes in replicas of real dream machines to concept cars to fantasy vehicles. All of the cars have been remodelled from scratch from Gran Turismo 6.

The game also boasts a list of new tracks including the Northern Isle Speedway and the Tokyo Express Way, which rub shoulders with old favourites like Brands Hatch, Willow Springs  and the Nurburgring.

Yamauchi unveiled the modes featured in Gran Turismo Sport including Arcade – which has time trials, point to point and more – and Campaign (tagged as GT Mode in the past, which contains tutorials that will cater to first timers) which contains 117 events, with more online events in the pipeline.

Brand Central – which in the past was called Car Dealership – is aimed at helping players discover new machines and manufacturers. “It’s a way for players to discover new brands and beautiful cars,” said Yamauchi. “It contains all of the cars, naturally, but it also contains video content for manufacturers from around the world.”

The franchise’s Museum feature has been redesigned for Gran Turismo Sport. Players can scroll through the evolution of the automobile through the centuries, and the mode also contains examples of literature, art and culture that existed at the same time.

Sport Mode contains two flagship championships: the Nations Cup and the Manufacturer Fan Cup.The former pits drivers from different nations against each other, while the latter  allows players to represent cars made by their favourite car manufacturers. These esport competitions are open to players from all ages from 7 to 77.

“Our objective isn’t to find the fastest driver in the world,” Yamauchi said. “Rather it’s to find a huge host of great racers. We’d like to give out a lot of different trophies to drivers across categories.”

Players in the Nations Cup compete across three different regions – the Americas, EU & Africa/Middle East and Asia & Oceania. The top racers from each group will then compete in the Nations Cup final. in the Manufacturer Fan Cup players are divided across regions and car brands. Events from both competitions will be held at weekends.

Yamauchi said that the purpose of Gran Turismo Sport isn’t just to create a new digital racing league, but to also increase player awareness and interest in real world racing. To that end, GT Sport will come packed with a selection of social media functions so that players can share videos, pictures, results and more with their friends. The social media functionality will also be available through an app.

On top of that, GT Sport contains a Livery Editor and Scapes, which is a gussied-up and beautiful Photo Editor Mode.

“The idea is to drive the future of motosports with the F1A,” Yamauchi said.