There’s a new smartphone on the market from Huawei, and while there are some nice features in the new Y-series, the battery in the Y6 Pro is reportedly able to power not only itself, but charge other phones as well.

According to Huawei the Y6 Pro is fitted with an enormous 4 000mAh and a technology called Reverse Charging. Essentially this means the handset can be used to charge other phones, or even a battery bank. We’re interested to see how this works and how quickly the battery drains when it’s charging your mate’s phone.

When it isn’t charging your mate’s phone, Huawei claims the Y6 Pro will stay on for two days.

Now, usually we take claims like that with a teaspoon of salt, but our experience with the Huawei Mate 8, which uses the same battery type, was so good we’re inclined to believe them. Especially seeing as the Y6 Pro has a smaller 5inch display (the Mate 8 has a 6inch) and has an HD resolution (1 280 x 720p compared to the Mate 8’s 1 920 x 1 080p), so there’s less screen to draw power.

Staying on battery specifications for a moment, Huawei has said that should people only have time for a 10 minute charge, they could get three hours of talk time out of it. Again, while we’re inclined to believe these claims given our past experiences, we’ll hold out on a final verdict until we get a hands-on with the handset.

At the back you’ll find a 13MP camera and a front facing 5MP shooter with an f/2.2 aperture. These are snappers we’re seeing pop up on a lot of new phones, and we suspect that Huawei chose these to keep the price of the handset down.

Technically speaking, the Y6 Pro uses a Mediatek MT6735P chipset which means you have access to most of the major LTE bands.

The processor, a quad-core chugging along at 1.3GHz, is paired with 2GB of RAM which should run fine, though we suspect gaming and other CPU-intensive apps may present more of challenge than something like the Redmi Note 2, which uses an octa-core CPU running at 1.95GHz.

Sadly, the Y6 Pro only has 16GB of internal storage though you can add up to a 128GB memory card if you need more.

We say sadly, but in truth 16GB of storage in a phone that has been given a recommended retail price of R2 799, is nothing to be sad about.

The Y6 Pro and its ridiculous battery (yeah we’re still harping on about it) is available now, and you can look forward to a review in the coming weeks.

[Source – Huawei]


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