Loot Crate has become a household name internationally with its strange business model: you send them money every month, and they ship you a box of mysterious goodies usually based on comic, movie, game and other popular properties.

The American company traditionally shipped within their own borders, but has recently expanded to 34 countries due to the immense success and popularity of the box.

And, rather surprisingly, South Africa is among one of those newly-listed countries.

If you want your own box, you can check out the pricing below. The most it will run you is a single month’s subscription for R436 (which gets you one box including shipping and handling), and the individual boxes get cheaper the longer the subscription you shell out for.


It seems like Loot Crate is doing this properly, as the checkout information includes a list of our provinces. Sometimes, when these services are offered in our country, they don’t include little details like this (having to choose “my state is not listed here” instead of province, for example).

However, we are paying a premium in the country. For American customers, the box only costs $19.95 (R314) including shipping. While a R122 price difference may seem substantial, we can’t imagine importing it yourself would be anywhere near as cheap.

But this isn’t the end of the story. Between Loot Crate’s inception and the decision to bring it to the country, two other local versions have popped up in the form of Geek Crate and Nabber Box. The Nabber Box is currently priced at R350 per box, and Geek Crate was valued at R300 before the service was suspended pending changes to the company.

While the original has reared its head locally and is coming in at a higher price, we’ll need to get a few boxes in our hands to see if it’s worth the money. Still, this is good news for South African geeks and we’re glad to see the country added to Loot Crate’s list of destinations.


//Edit: We’ve been told by a reader who has purchased boxes that post office fees are applicable and usually cost R90 to R100. Keep that in mind if you’re thinking of ordering!