How often have you wanted to do some online banking, only to find that you have run out of data? Hopefully not too often, and now Absa has a solution even if you find yourself in that situation.

The bank announced yesterday that Absa customers can now interact with the bank’s app even if they have no data remaining on their mobile phone. According to Absa, it is the first bank in South Africa to offer such a service.

“The agreement that Absa has signed with Cell C, MTN, Telkom and Vodacom allows the service providers to charge data costs back to Absa rather than our customers, allowing them to enjoy the full benefit of banking from their mobile device and buying airtime even if they have depleted their pay-as-you-go or monthly contractual data allocation,” said Jan Moganwa, Chief Executive, Customer Solutions at Absa Retail and Business Banking, in a media statement.

For many years FNB has been seen as one of the most technology-driven banks in South Africa, but Absa is on a mission to match (if not better) offerings from other banks.

“Everything significant that our bank’s digital team is currently working on forms part of the move to delight our customers and offer them a smooth digital banking experience, from start to finish,” Moganwa added.

Naturally, he concluded by saying that the customers’ interests are what drives initiatives like this.

“Our customers are the heart of our business and the ability to access our mobile banking app regardless of your data standing shows the commitment that we have as a bank to help all our customers prosper.”


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